Experimental validation

Gene expression analysis in Human adipose tissue from male and female samples using different Housekeeping genes (HKG). A) Coefficient of variation (CV) in the Cp values of each candidate gene calculated in male and female for lean, obese, and diabetic samples. B) IRS1, LEPR and PPAR𝛾 expression analysis using PPIA, RPL19, and 18S as reference genes. Male Lean n=3; Female Lean n=7; Male Obese n=10; Female Obese n=10;. Gene expression analysis profile changes depending on the KHG used as reference; PPIA and RPL19 show one profile, and 18S, another different one. t test student’s applied for significance meaning (*) p-value < 0.05, (**) p-value < 0.01, and (***) p-value < 0.001.

Housekeeping gene candidates analysis in mouse adipose tissue, using wt and irs2-/- ko Male and Female samples. Insr, Lepr and Phb gene expression analysis using housekeeping genes Ppia, Rpl19 and 18s. Relative gene expression varies depending on the HKG used as reference. Male wt n=11; Female wt n=13; Male ko n=16 and Female ko n=14. 1way ANOVA and t-test was performed for statistical analysis. The differences observed were considered significant when: p < 0.05 (*), p < 0.01 (**) and p < 0.001 (***).