Unidad de Bioinformática y Bioestadística

The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Unit

The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Unit (UBB) of the Principe Felipe Research Center (CIPF) is a research unit that develops the following activities:
  • We research into the development of new methodologies of computational analysis in biomedical research.
  • We are open to scientific collaborations in Biomedicine with computational approaches.
  • Teaching in data analysis methods and bioinformatics tools.
  • Administration and coordination of the uses of the computer cluster located in the CIPF.
  • Alliance establishment with other knowledge fields within and outside the CIPF, in which the computational analysis is the basis for the biomedical research.
  • Create synergies with the strategic and operational objectives established by the Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública.

Research Lines

The UBB works on its own research lines focused in the development of new methodologies for the functional analysis of omics data and its application to biomedical studies. Specifically we study:

1. Development and application of big-data analysis methods in biomedical studies:

    • Characterization of sex / gender differences in health through meta-analysis techniques of omics data. Metafun video.
    • Identification of precision immunotherapy biomarkers.
    • Detection and understanding of the molecular mechanisms associated with spinal cord injuries.

2. Clinical predictors based on high performance technologies and artificial intelligence methods:

    • Detection of early stage tumors using multi-omics classifiers in liquid biopsy.
    • Generation of predictors in neurodegenerative diseases, through the integration of omics data and biomedical imaging.