Unidad de Bioinformática y Bioestadística

We give support in experimental design, analysis and functional interpretation of Omics data to the groups of the CIPF, using computational and statistical methods. We use a wide range of bioinformatic and statistical tools to perform our analysis, depending on the specific necessities of each case. Those include tools which have been developed in the CIPF, such as Babelomics, Hipathia or OmicsBox.

In particular, the analysis that we perform include:

Expression data analysis

  • Microarray and RNA-Seq analysis.
  • Identification of differentially expressed genes.
  • Functional analysis.
  • Signaling and metabolic pathways analysis.
  • Meta-analysis for different Omics data integration.

Genomics data analysis

  • Panels of genes.
  • Identification of mutations related to phenotype.



Access to OmicsBox

Thanks to BioBam and through the UBB, all CIPF researchers are granted free access to OmicsBox. For CIPF staff, please contact us to gain access to the software if you are interested. Unaffiliated may contact the BioBam team directly.