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Article marketing can greatly increase your website's exposure in the search engines. If you introduce search engine optimization, you can have all of your articles ranked high in the search engines. This will generate more traffic for your website, and ultimately result in more profits for you. Continue reading to learn how to optimize your article marketing campaign.<a href=''>SERobot</a>

Search engine optimization always begins with keyword research. Keywords are the words that people enter into search boxes to search for a specific item. To rank high in the search engines, you must focus on keywords that have high search volumes and low competition. High search volumes mean that people are actively searching for that particular keyword. This will be your target market that is already interested in your keyword that you will use in your article. When you find highly search keywords with low competition, it will be easier for you to rank high in the search engines.

Software, like Google's Keyword Tool and Micro Niche Finder, can enable you to find the best keywords to use to attract a target audience to your articles. If you use Micro Niche Finder, focus on keywords that have search volumes higher than 3,000 and competition levels that are marked with a green circle. To see a demo of Micro Niche Finder in action, visit my link below. Simply search for keywords that are related to the product you are promoting in your article and let Micro Niche Finder do the analyzing for you.

Once you have your keywords selected, you will begin writing your articles. Your goal is to write one article for every keyword that you find. To begin, you must put your keyword both in the title and the description of your article. As for the body of the article, many marketers follow the rule of putting the keyword twice in the beginning of the article and once in the last paragraph. This is not a good rule to follow. For search engine optimization purposes, you must use your keyword once every one hundred words in the body of the article. This does not mean that you have to force your keyword into the hundredth word of the article. It just means that you have to use it 1% of the time. So, if you write an article that is 600 words long, then you should have used your keyword at least six times in the body of your article. This will help the search robots to acknowledge your article. It does not matter as much where you place your keyword in the article. Remember, you want your articles to flow smoothly for human readers, not the search engine robots. It is your readers who will click the link to your website and not the robots.

Now, that you have written all of your articles based on the search engine optimization criteria above, you will also need to promote your articles. It is not enough to simply wait for the search engine robots to index your article. You can begin by backlinking your articles. You can bookmark your articles at popular bookmarking sites, like Digg, Reddit, and Propeller. You can also write and submit more articles on other related keywords to more than one article directory and then link them back to your first article. This will get your articles indexed in the search engines quickly.