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 Please, find {{:​posternoiseq_2012.pdf|here}} an outline of the NOISeq method. Please, find {{:​posternoiseq_2012.pdf|here}} an outline of the NOISeq method.
 +**NOISeqBIO** is the adaptation of NOISeq to handle biological variability. You can find a description of the NOISeqBIO method in this {{:​noiseqbio_techreport.pdf|Technical Report}} and also a summary in this {{:​posternoiseqbio.pdf|poster}}.
-//**Coming soon!!**//​\\ 
-A new version of the method is being developed to better handle biological variation. This new version is called **NOISeqBIO** and it is described in this {{:​noiseqbio_techreport.pdf|Technical Report}}. 
- +Both NOISeq and NOISeqBIO ​are included ​in [[http://​​packages/​release/​bioc/​html/​NOISeq.html|R/​Bioconductor NOISeq package]] together with a set of graphical tools to assess the quality of sequencing count data.
-Both NOISeq and NOISeqBIO ​have been implemented ​in R language.+