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NOISeq is available as a package in Bioconductor. This package includes both the former NOISeq and the new NOISeqBIO. As any Bioconductor package, it can be installed from R prompt using the following commands:

  1. biocLite(“NOISeq”)
  2. library(NOISeq)
  3. The Users' Guide and the Reference Manual may be downloaded from Bioconductor website. Please, read them to learn more about the use of NOISeq.

Data used to test the tools included in R NOISeq package

Fusarium oxysporum data

The samples were sequenced using the Applied Biosystems SOLiD 4 system with SOLiD MM50 chemistry. The length of the sequencing reads is 50 bases. Two biological replicates were obtained for each condition. One of the conditions corresponds to the fungus being cultured in human blood (wt_B_30_37) and the other in minimum medium (wt_M_30_37). The reads were mapped to the reference genome downloaded from the Ensembl Fungi database (47) (release 14) using Lifescope software. CLC Bio tools were used to quantify the gene expression.

Count matrix can be downloaded HERE. Please note that for confidentiality reasons the gene IDs were removed.