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-====== Data used to test the tools included in R NOISeq package ======+====== Data used to test the R NOISeq package ======
 ===== ENCODE data ===== ===== ENCODE data =====
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 version 0.5.3p3. version 0.5.3p3.
 +{{:​|Prostate Cancer count matrix}}
 +====== R code used to test the NOISeqBIO method ======
 +===== Simulation algorithm =====
 +R scripts for simulating RNA-seq count data for two experimental conditions:
 +{{:​simulation_high.r|Simulation of HIGH variability scenarios}}
 +{{:​simulation_low.r|Simulation of LOW variability scenarios}}
 +===== Differential expression on simulated data =====
 +These scripts show how the differential expression methods were applied on simulated data sets:
 +{{:​methodsonsimulations.r|DE methods on simulations}}
 +{{:​globalsimulationsanalysis.r|Analysis of DE results}}