Upload your data

RENATO has a unique data entry points in the Upload Menu.

The access to the Upload Menu can be found at the top right of the page.

Upload data

By accessing to this form you will be able to upload any text file you want to analyze using RENATO. One single file can be uploaded at a time.

Upload form

1. Select your data type

Indicate the type of data that you are uploading: a gene list or a ranked gene list. Users can also upload their own annotation files. Further information about the the input file formats supported in this release of RENATO can be found here.

REANTO performs several format validations to make sure that the specified file format corresponds with the uploaded file. This way, RENATO avoids future computational errors when analyzing data. File type classification is also used by RENATO to ease the access to your data according to the functional analysis method chosen.

2. Some additional data

It is mandatory to enter a Data name to identify the file. This is the name that will be displayed afterwards in your job list and projects. Other optional description fields are available.

3. File origin

Data can be loaded from local files using the Open file button to browse the directory and selecting the desired file.

Alternatively, users can input data through a text box by selecting the Text mode check button.

Text box

Finally, click on Upload to finish and wait (do not leave the page) until the process has been completed.

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