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 |{{:​images:​web_usage:​icon-project-activate.png?​|Activate}}| Set project as active| |{{:​images:​web_usage:​icon-project-activate.png?​|Activate}}| Set project as active|
-By default, this new project ​will be set as active.+A list of the generated **jobs** corresponding to a project ​appears at the right part of the widget. Jobs are grouped by year and month and provide information about the date that was lauched and method used. To remove a project, select it and click on **Delete selected job**.
-Here you will see a list with all your projects. The **active project** in this moment appears in bold letters with a green light {{:​images:​project_administration:​green.gif?​12|}} next to the title. If you want to **set as active a different project** just press on the red button {{:​images:​project_administration:​red.gif?​12|}} next to that project and it will become active. 
-{{ :​images:​project_administration:​project_suite.png |Project suite}} ​ 
-Click on the {{:​images:​project_administration:​plus2.gif|}} button next to the project title to visualize all jobs related to this project. Here you can **<fc #​808080>​Rename</​fc>​**,​ **<fc #​FF0000>​Delete</​fc>​** or **<fc #​008000>​Download</​fc>​** a job. 
-{{ :​images:​project_administration:​project_managenemt.png |Job management}} 
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