Data and project administration


Files uploaded are stored in our servers. A list describing the uploaded files can be accessed through the Jobs & Data list panel:

Data management

Project administration

Users can organize their data and the generated jobs in projects. By default, logged users start working in a preconfigured project called default ( rectangle in the image). By clicking in the Project button in user bar ( rectangle), users are redirected to the Project manager widget.


To create a new project just click on Create project. You will be asked to enter a name and a brief description (optional).

Project manager

Project list contains all created projects. The active project appears in at the top of the widget. By selecting a project, users can:

Rename Rename the project
Delete Remove the project
Activate Set project as active

A list of the generated jobs corresponding to a project appears at the right part of the widget. Jobs are grouped by year and month and provide information about the date that was lauched and method used. To remove a project, select it and click on Delete selected job.

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