Download STATegra EMS

See the changelog to check what we improved with v0.6

The STATegra EMS is developed to run under an UNIX SYSTEM, however due to it runs under a Apache Tomcat server (version 7 or greater), could also work under other environments (but it is not guaranteed).

In order to install STATegra EMS, you must first install the software dependencies. Installation process is outlined at the Installation section, which were followed to successfully install STATegra EMS on an Ubuntu Server machine (Ubuntu 12.04) and a Debian machine(Debian 7.1).

Please, choose your download option

Unix command line autoinstaller
Compressed binaries file
Compressed sources file

About Download options

Unix command line autoinstaller

The easiest and fastest way to install the STATegra EMS. Download the bash auto-install script and follow the instructions.

Compressed binaries file

Optionally you can download manually the compressed binaries for the last version of STATegra EMS.
If you choose this option, you must setting up the EMS manually.

  1. Download the Unix (.tar.gz) file.
  2. Uncompress the file and copy the WAR file into your Tomcat’s webapps directory. Tomcat should deploy automatically the WAR file.
    Note: the name of the WAR file will be the name for the STATegra EMS instance, i.e. if the filename is stategraems_app (default) your instance will be accesible at If you decide to change the instance name, please do not forget to update the configuration file located at <your_tomcat_location>/webapps/<new_instance_name>/resources/ServerConfiguration.js replacing the server name by the new one.
  3. Execute the MySQL script for database creation.
    Note: the edit the name of the database by editing the SQL script (STATegraDB by default).
    Note 2: it is recommendable to change the name and password of the database user by editing the SQL script (limsuser by default).
  4. Add a new user admin to the STATegra EMS database (e.g. at the MySQL command line type INSERT INTO STATegraDB.users VALUES (‘admin’, SHA1(‘YOURPASS’), ‘ADMIN@EMAIL.COM’, null) ;).
  5. Create a new directory where the STATegra EMS files will be stored (by default at /data/stategraems_app_data).
    Note: is you change this location, you must update the configuration file located at <tomcat_location>/webapps/<EMS INSTANCE NAME>/WEB-INF/classes/conf/
    Create the directories treatment_documents and SOP_documents at the new directory.
  6. Copy the file at the EMS directory. Update the file content with your own settings.

Compressed sources file

The STATegra EMS application is distributed under GNU General Public License, Version 3. Source code is available for downloading.