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Highly sensitive and ultrafast read mapping for RNA-seq analysis

Medina, I., Tárraga, J., Martínez, H., Barrachina, S., Castillo, M.I., Salavert-Torres, J., Blanquer-Espert, I., Hernández-García, V., Quintana-Ortí, E. & Dopazo, J.
Supplementary material

In order to download all the FastQ files generated in the simulations and the BAM files generated in the bechmarking, you  have to access our server via SFTP using the account information shown below. You need use a SFTP client such as Cyberduck and Transmit for Mac OS X systems; WinSCP for Windows systems; or FireFTP and FileZilla for all platforms. Firefox users can acces from the URL s

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