PLoS Computation Biology highlights our paper on cancer drivers

Cancer Drivers, Protein Complex Prediction, and Crawling and Gliding Cells: the PLOS Comp Biol October Issue

Posted November 5, 2015 by bchadwick in Cancer, Cell biology, Community, Computational biology, Molecular biology, PLOS Computational Biology
Here are our highlights from October’s PLOS Computational Biology:

A Pan-Cancer Catalogue of Cancer Driver Protein Interaction Interfaces

Until now, most efforts in cancer genomics have focused on identifying genes and pathways driving tumor development. Although this has been a success, there is still a poor understanding of why patients with the same affected driver genes may have different disease outcomes or drug responses. Adam Godzik and colleagues show how—by considering proteins as multifunctional factories instead of monolithic black boxes—it is possible to identify novel cancer driver genes and propose molecular hypotheses to explain such heterogeneity.