Using mechanism-based biomarkers to predict complex traits

Since year 2000, gene-expression or SNP biomarkers have become increasingly important  in clinics and research. However, complex phenotypic traits (the vast majority of them) and, especially, disease or drug response, are often not well predicted by using single-gene biomarkers. The use of mechanism-based biomarkers, that use known information relating genes to cell functionalities, can help to overcome some of the limitations of single-gene biomarkers. Thus, information coded as pathways or the interactome can be used to derive new types of biomarkers that represent not individual gene activity or integrity, but rather disease or drug activity mechanisms (or parts of them).
SBV Improver Symposium, Athens, Greece
Tue, 29/10/2013 (All day)
SBV Improver Symposium, Athens, Greece
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