Postgraduate Certificate in Systems Biology

Systems biology aims to understand complex biological phenomena as integrated functioning systems. This level of understanding is facilitated by the quantitative analysis and modeling of the interactions among multiple components of a biological system. This approach involves concepts and tools from mathematics, statistics and computer science which conventional life science curricula do normally not cover in depth. The aim of the Postgraduate Certificate in Systems Biology is to equip you with knowledge from these areas, allowing you to explore and understand biology from a systems perspective. The course is aimed at students, researchers and practitioners with a life science background and emphasizes a conceptual and applied understanding of the relevant methods and tools.

Entry requirements

Students will be considered for entry to the Postgraduate Certificate in Systems Biology course on an individual basis. The basic entry requirements are outlined below. A more detailed version of the entry requirements are found on the following webpage:
Applicants should normally have gained
• An honors or non-honors degree in a science subject with a significant element of biology or an equivalent qualification;
• A-level mathematics or equivalent;
• Competence in written/spoken English.
In exceptional circumstances, a portfolio of written evidence demonstrating relevant graduate qualities may be considered as an alternative entrance route.
Visits to the University campus are not required for successful graduation.

How Much Does It Cost?

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University of Ulster
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