Seminars and Presentations

  1. HOST PLANT ADAPTATION IN THE BUZZATII CLUESTE: FITNESS AND TRANSCRIPTOMICS. SYMPOSIUM ON Evolution and Ecology: The Cactophilic Drosophila Model System. (7-11 FEBRUARY 2018, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico) Esteban Hasson.
  2. From Genomes to Drugs in Neglected Diseases. EBI-Cambridge, England: October 2017 Adrian Turjanski.
  3. Structural Bioinformatics Approach to identify new targets in Neglected Diseases. Rio de Janeiro Brazil June 2017 Adrian Turjanski.
  4. Georgios Pappas Jr. “Genomics and epigenomics of Eucalyptus sp.” at UNIUD on January 30 th, 2017.
  5. Georgios Pappas participated in the “Long-Read Sequencing meeting and workshop“ Held at Uppsala University on December 6 and 7 (2017).
  6. Luis Delaye, “Pneumocystis as a model for evolutionary studies” at CIPF on May 30th 2017.
  7. Monica Fass and Natalia Pin Viso. Participation in the Open-Campus Day of SLU.
  8. Natalia Cristina Aguirre “Development and application of genomic methodologies for the assisted improvement of Eucalyptus dunnii” at UniUD
  9. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff “Bioinformatics meets Big Data, The Dawn of a New Era”. At INTA 24/11/2016
  10. Rafael Hernandez “Bioinformatics Resources for the Integrative Analysis of Next Generation Omics Data at INTA 12/07/2016
  11. Developing statistical approaches for the integration of multi-omics data at Frontiers in Genomics Program. Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. Cuernavaca 14/10/16
  12. Functional transcriptomicas in the post-NGS era: multiomics integration and new technologies. Gainesville Florida, 15-17/02/2016
  13. Functional Analysis at Isoform Resolution Pacbio industrial workshop. XXIV Plant and Animal Genome Confer 12/01/2016 .
  14.  Pneumocystis as a model of evolutionary studies at Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla, IBS in Sevilla.
  15. Seminar at UNIUD, INTA Development and application of genomic methodologies for molecular improvement of Eucalyptus dunnii through Association Mapping and Genomic Selection; 2) Application of Molecular tools for breeding and conservation of forest tree genetic diversity of Argentina 26/06/2015 Udine, Italy
  16. Seminar at UNIUD, CINVESTAV 360 Years of artificial selection: comparative genetics between two capsicum archaeological samples, wild pepper and modern domesticates 30/10/2015 Udine, Italy Scientific Community