Rafael Hernández visits the University of Florida

CapturaRafael Hernández from CIPF (Spain) visits the University of Florida within the DEANN project.

As main objective of during the internship at the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at the Genetics Institute of the University of Florida, I will focus on the development of Paintomics 3.0, a bioinformatics tool for joint visualization of multiple omic data types, as part of my PhD thesis titled “Development of bioinformatics software for the integrative analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data”.

More specifically, I will leverage the expertise of the host group in the miRNA-seq processing and visualization and integrative analysis of omics datasets.

Additionally, we will install an instance of the tool Paintomics 3.0, at the UF servers, creating a public mirror, improving the scope and the performance of the developed platform for users from South, Central and North America.