Pedro Furió visits the University of Florida

CapturaPedro Furió from CIPF (Spain) Visits the University of Florida within the DEANN project.

As part of a collaboration between Principe Felipe Research Center and University of Florida, I have been developing a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) sponge predictor, in which we computationally predict lncRNAs that are sequestrating miRNAs, so miRNAs cannot longer bind to their protein coding targets. For this purpose, we have been developing a web application that can launch these predictions for any kind of species as well as allowing custom fasta and gtf files. One of the decisions have been installing this web application with all the necessary dependencies at the University of Florida. The main aim of the visit is getting in touch with the IT staff and work together to put this web application in production based on the requirements and tools they can provide.