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Bioinformática: especialistas europeos efectuaron capacitación de alto nivel en laboratorios del INACH

bioinformatica-1-800x433Punta Arenas, 11 de octubre de 2016.- Desde el lunes 3 de octubre hasta el sábado 8 del mismo mes, investigadores europeos encabezados por el experto bioinformático Dr. Erick Bongcam-Rudloff, de la Universidad Agrícola de Suecia, junto al bioinformático belga Hadrien Gourlé, de la Universidad de Ciencias de la Agricultura, llevaron a cabo una capacitación teórico-práctico sobre bioinformática en los laboratorios del Instituto Antártico Chileno (INACH). El Dr. Bongcam-Rudloff agrega qu[...] Read more

DEANN Project participates at the SOIBio Congress, 22-26 April Riviera Maya, Mexico

CgqNH-kUkAE6XqWAna Conesa, Project Coordinator of the DEANN project and Erik Bongcam-Rudloff partner from the Sweden side participated at the SoIBio International Conference 2016 on "Bioinformatics and Computational Biology for Innovative Genomics" which has taken place theses days in Riviera Maya, Mexico 22-26 April 2016. The DEANN project held 2 days practical courses on Next Generation Sequencing. Fellowships have been awarded to different students participating within the project DEANN. WEB-SITE: http://icw[...] Read more

Lunch Seminar: A visit among penguins

Picture 1_ErikPicture 2_Erik Lunch Seminar:  A visit among penguins – the start-up phase of a project Wednesday 16th of March, 12.00–12.45 in Seminar room Tanngrisner 1, VHC., Uppsala, Sweden Dr Maja Malmberg Free lunch sandwiches will be served on a first come first serve principle. Late last year, Maja Malmberg (BVF) and Juliette Hayer (HGEN) visited [...] Read more

DEANN Seminar in Sweden 08/09/2015, Uppsala

foto SLU Caesar cardenasCésar Cárdenas is giving today a seminar titled: "Assessing the utility of Anctartic sponges for studying global climate change: individual to community level responses". The seminar is taking place at 14:30 in Tranngrisner, Uppsala, Sweden Dr. César Cárdenas is visiting SLU on the frame of the EU FP7 project DEANN. His visit started on  August 13th and will finish on September 13th. Picture from left to right: Maja Malmberg from (SGBC), discussing NGS technologies in front of a Illumina machine with, César Cárdenas (INACH), Alejandro Font (INACH) and Diego de Panis (CONICET)

EPIGEN: NGS Workshop “On top of genetics” 22-23 June, Udine, Italy

epigenOn top of Genetics NGS for Epigenetics Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has recently revolutionized the approach to genomic studies enabling the sequencing of billions of bases in massively parallel reactions. These new sequencing technologies have rapidly become the golden stand ard for genome sequencing, transcriptome analysis, SNP discovery and several other applications. However,in very few fields of biological research NGS has produced such a profound impact as in epigenomics studies aimed at investigating the fu[...] Read more

SMODIA2015 Statistical Methods for Omics Data Integration and Analysis 2015, Valencia, Spain, September 14-16, 2015

  smodia-logo.cdr_TWITTER_180x180This workshop aims to bring together researchers in the fields of biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, statistics, biostatistics, machine learning, data mining, and pattern recognition that work on the analysis of omics data (e.g., transcriptomics, metabolomics, genomics) and particularly researchers that focus on developing new methods of integrating data, integrating their visualization, and integrating analysis of multiple and heterogeneous datasets. Keynote spea[...] Read more

International Course on Massive Data Analysis: Transcriptomics 10-14 March 2014

DSCF2069 The International Course on Massive Data Analysis: Transcriptomics was held in Valencia on the 10-14 Mar 2014  by the Genomic of Gene Expression Lab at the Principe Felipe Research Center (CIPF) ,DEANN project Coordinator . Additional information by following the link. More information at the events section

Analysing RNA-Seq data. Hands-on course, 12-14 November 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina

15602062158_4307c8ddfc_z Course summary: This course will cover data analysis of RNA-seq experiments combining lectures and practical exercises. The lectures will give insight into how biological knowledge can be generated from RNA-seq experiments and illustrate different ways of analyzing such data. Practicals will consist of computer exercises that will enable the participants to apply statistical methods to the analysis of RNA-seq data under the guidance of the lecturers and teaching assistants. In more detai[...] Read more