Project name: The STATegra project.

Foundings European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)


Web page of the project:

Project objectives: STATegra_300x120The STATegra project aims to develop new statistical methods and tools for the integrative analysis of diverse omics data for a more efficient use of the genomics technologies. Furthermore we aim to make them readily available to the research community through rapid and efficient implementation as user-friendly software packages.Among the data-types we consider: mRNA-seq, miRNA-seq, Methyl-seq, Chip-seq, DNase-seq, Proteomics and Metabolomics. In addition we will develop methods for data gathering, management and integration in Knowledge Databases and Ontologies. We will deliver statistical methodologies to generalize meta-analysis of heterogeneous datasets (e.g., different experimental conditions) to address the issues of values missing-by-design, limited availability, poor quality (“dirty”) data and individually insufficiently powered studies.

The STATegra Logo: The STATegra logo is designed as a fusion between the acronyms STA, egra and FP7. STA means the discover of STAtistical approaches for the integrative analysis of diverse omics data, egra is associated to intEGRAtion of these methods and PF7 (the 7 looks like a T) means that the European STATegra Project is an initiative supported by the European Union of the 7th Framework Programme which is an important part.

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