Project name: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Network.



SeqAhead Cost


Project background

logo_seqahead_150x60Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a highly parallelised approach for quickly and economically sequencing new genomes, re-sequencing large numbers of known genomes, or for rapidly investigating transcriptomes under different conditions. Producing data on an unprecedented scale, these techniques are now driving the generation of knowledge (especially in biomedicine and molecular life sciences) to new dimensions. The massive data volumes being generated by these new technologies require new data handling and storage methods. Hence, the life science community urgently needs new and improved approaches to facilitate NGS data management and analysis. This COST Action unites bioinformaticians, computer scientists and biomedical scientists, harnessing their expertise to bring NGS data management and analysis to new levels of efficiency and integration. Rigorous surveillance of NGS technology and NGS-related software developments will allow this Action to generate software solutions for future NGS opportunities in a timely manner.

Project objectives

The primary objective is to develop a coordinated action plan for scientific community, to help deal with the flood of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in an efficient and coherent manner using state-of- the-art bioinformatics. Establishment of a strong European network of NGS centres, data-analysis and informatics will facilitate and stimulate the exchange of data, protocols, software, experiences and ideas. The Action will implement a ‘technology watch’ to monitor developments in bioinformatics software, in NGS technology, in data-storage and processing hardware, in data visualisation and graphical interfaces. Moreover, this Action will develop a strategic communication, dissemination, and education plan for NGS bioinformatics, to distribute knowledge and expertise via concerted education and publication programs.

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